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Canadian Politics. Canadian and American election campaign financing (Essay Sample)


I am going to copy below the instructions for this essay, the professor gave us 6 topics to choose from so I'll give you the option to choose whichever you prefer to make it easier for you.
Length: 2000-2500 words (eg 8-10pp)
Worth: 40% of final mark
Due: Thurs 7 June 2018
Choose ONE of the following topics and write an essay on it. Only ONE!
1. Before the adoption of the Charter of Rights, some scholars claimed it would lead to
the Americanization of Canada. What did they mean by that and has it proven true
so far?
2. Should the Senate be reformed, abolished, retained or...something else? Why or
why not?
3. Compare and contrast Canadian and American election campaign financing.
Consider reasons for the differences.
4. What is the ‘Staples Trap’? Is this idea still relevant? Why or why not?
5. What do arguments around ‘more power to municipalities’ involve? Consider the role
of provinces in the Canadian political system.
6. Is the current Kinder Morgan pipeline between BC and Alberta a constitutional
crisis? Why or why not?


Canadian Politics
Canadian Politics
Funding plays an important part in an election process, the manner in which election campaigns have been financed has significantly affected democracy. In countries like the US, election financing determined the primaries, affecting the general elections. Huge sums of money have been donated by lobbyists, business owners, and labor unions donate money to various political parties in order to determine the outcome of the elections. Because of the importance of political parties in several countries, several kinds of literature compares campaign financing and the political system of two countries majorly the US and Canada.
Canadian and American election campaign financing
The US and Canada implemented campaign finance bills as both countries were concerned about the role of various interest groups that were undermining democracy. The US and Canadian election finance laws of the 1970s had similar objectives, which is to restrict lobby groups’ activities.

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