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Urbanization and Canadian Local Government (Essay Sample)

this is my question , Discuss how urbanization has affected Canadian local government over time. How have municipal governments evolved given increasing populations, globalizing pressures and more complex demands from local citizens? Analyze the relationship between notions of efficiency and effectiveness as it applies to the municipal level of government in Canada, be as specific as possible and give examples. okay in my case ....this is the final exam questions , not a research paper or anything else .... i don\'t want the writer to use outside sources coz..... i dont need any sources ,,,,, i have to submit these answers with my personal information and understanding from the cousre so far...... still if the writer wants to use a outside source ....don\'t use more than one sources and cite it properly with APA format..... but read the question carefully, i don\'t want any part of it to be missed !!!!!! thanks source..

Urbanization and Canadian Local Government
Urbanization is the transformation of an individual`s locality from a rural area to an urban area or from one urban area to a more urban one. It is the increase in proportion of urban movement. It involves the number of urban population in relation to the rate, which it is increasing by day. Canada has been an urban country since 1970. Increased control of commercial development was the pioneer of Canada`s urbanization.
The realization of regional commerce steered the drive to more and more people becoming urbanized. The orientation of the new technology pushed for urbanization since there was need to change the transport system like the steam train to an electric train. There are ways in which urbanization has affected Canadian government.
The Canadian local government since the uproar of urbanization has been charged with the duty to protect and safeguard the country`s resources. Since the urban population has been growing very fast, the local government must implement policies that effectively guard and preserve the resources available. It has also been entrusted with the duty to provide its citizens with basic living standards like proper sanitation and drainage systems.
The local government has been challenged to work with othe...
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