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Campus Controversy. Universities should not remove memorials or monuments (Essay Sample)


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The Issue: Campus Controversy
Campus activism is on the rise. Students of all ages across the country are emboldened and vocal, sharing their views, organizing, acting, disrupting, and demanding to be heard or seen. However, while activism may be admirable, democratic, patriotic, or even necessary, it places significant stress on higher education institutions that must balance - and teach - respect for social and institutional values, respect for historical context and changing social contexts, safety, and 1st amendment freedoms.
***Instructions for the paper are as follows: **I want the position to say “NO” universities should NOT remove monuments or memorials.
In a 4 page, APA style essay, take a position on how universities must or should act in the face of campus controversy. ***The question to be answered is: Should universities remove controversial monuments or memorials? Why or why not?*** Sources should be used to support the essay's position and may be selected from the discussion readings provided. Sources selected from outside the ones provided should be of the same type (avoid op-ed pieces; focus on media coverage that documents the nature and actions related to the controversy, legal issues or expert opinions surrounding the controversy, and statements from the universities.) Reference page needed.
*****An outline that contains thesis position, supporting points (i.e.body paragraph points), and source or type of evidence that will be used to validate each supporting point is needed.
Essay Requirements:
• focused thesis position
• critical, academic structure
• textual evidence drawn from at least 4 sources
• correct attribution and documentation
• Edited American English
• error-free
• APA Style
**The following are links to articles that are viewpoints to read and consider, according to the instructor.
*****I ordered a Discussion assignment regarding this topic and would like for the same writer to do both assignments so that the same information can be used in both assignments.
Grading criteria:
• Critical Response
Written product demonstrates analysis (compare/contrast, interpretation, evaluation and/or definition) that documents student's grasp of the topic and readings; the student articulates a well-defined position on a text or within a multi-faceted issue.
SLO: Read, reflect, and respond critically to a variety of texts.
• Evidence
Appropriate sources that build credibility of student and argument; effective attribution & correct quoting.
SLO: Develop ideas with appropriate support and attribution.
• Documentation
APA style (in-text citations & full source citations) is correct, complete & document is correctly formatted.
SLO: Develop ideas with appropriate support and attribution
• Academic Writing
Writing displays formal voice & language; text follows thesis-based, top-down, structure that articulates claims first and validates all claims with evidence.
SLO: Write in a style appropriate to audience and purpose.
• Sentence Level Skill
Writing is concise (avoids wordiness, repetitive and redundant phrasing), specific, and error-free; demonstrates varied sentence structure and is easy to read (flows, avoids choppy or awkward phrasing).
SLO: Use Edited American English in academic essays.
• Process SLO
Written product demonstrates work on ideas & critical position in a discussion, development, or drafting stage; or, final product demonstrates a clear end-stage, well-developed position reached through process stages.
SLO: Demonstrate knowledge of individual and collaborative writing processes.


Campus Controversy
Institutional Affiliation
Campus Controversy
Title: Campus Controversy
Thesis: Universities should not remove memorials or monuments
Introduction to campus activism. Activism in Universities has been on the rise over the years in the U.S.
History of the monuments in universities. The monuments in universities were erected after the civil war in 1865.
The monuments are part of history
The monuments were erected as part of honoring historical figures who greatly fought to safeguard state rights.
The figures act as a reminder for students about the historical events that occurred during the civil war and the part played by the individuals represented.

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