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Research the Broken Window Theory as it relates to police response to crime (Essay Sample)


Research the Broken Window Theory as it relates to police response to crime and write a two-page essay demonstrating your understanding of this theory and whether or not you believe it is a viable criminological response.


Broken Window Theory
Broken Window Theory
It is a common assumption that an area characterized by proliferating social disorders such as the explicit use of illegal drugs, partaking of alcoholic drinks in public, prostitution and other forms of disorderly behaviors, has a high rate of criminal activities. Crime in orderly social settings or neighborhoods tends to be lower than areas with broken moral systems. Nevertheless, the law enforcement agencies especially the police have long struggled to contain crime in their jurisdiction as they seek to maintain law and the said order. One of the concepts embraced by the police in handling or containing crime is the Broken Window Theory. Broken Window Theory suggests that the society’s tolerance of the often overlooked social disorders or unacceptable behaviors leads to an increase or rather the proliferation of criminal activities within the community. A look at the transition and application of the concept since its inception reflects on its efficacy and viability as a basis for responding to crime by the police force.

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