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Beer Evaluation Social Sciences Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Note: Please choose Tsingtao beer. It is a kind of Chinese beer. Please do not write any other beer


Out of Class Beer Assignment                 


Select a beer to evaluate with food. Pick something you have not tried.

(Note: Please choose Tsingtao beer. It is a kind of Chinese beer. Please do not write any other beer)


Include in the analysis:


Product Information:  Brewery Name

Brewery Location

Name of Beer

Package type

Beer Style

Alcohol By Volume


Be specific with descriptions:


Appearance: Color and Clear/Hazy


Body and Texture


Overall impressions

Bubble size, glass lacing, carbonation


Specific detection of any “off” flavor or aroma, or not?


Food tasted with beer

Impression of pairing



Beer Evaluation
Beer Evaluation
The beer selected for evaluation is Tsingtao Beer, which is a light beer and is produced in China by Tsingtao Brewery. The beer has a satisfying and pleasing aroma and a stable taste and contains a high-malty flavor. Most importantly, this beer is manufactured using spring water obtained from Laoshan, which is a mountain area recognized all over China for its pure water. The beer uses high-quality domestically-grown hops that are exported to European breweries and is also made from barley and rice. The beer is packaged in glass bottles; this form of packaging is common in the Chinese beer industry; the volume by the alcohol content of Tsingtao Beer is 4.7% (Ikemitsu Enterprises, 2020).
Tsingtao Beer has a pure yellow color with purifi

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