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Avoiding Youth Violence: Arrangement Task (Essay Sample)


-This subject is Writing and Rhetoric: Academic Essays.
-According to SWT1 build a topic.
-500 WORDS.

The goal of this task is to build on your topic from SWT1 and create an outline for an essay that will conduct a rhetorical analysis of the issue/debate you identified. Your outline (using subheadings and dot points) should:

include a draft thesis statement that is clear, complex, and interesting, and that will be supported by your essay's rhetorical analysis
use an arrangement strategy discussed in class and/or in the readings to plan an essay that identifies how rhetoric is used in the debate/issue you’re discussing
include an essay title that mentions rhetoric and argumentative subheadings that show the progression of your argument
include at least four accurately referenced/cited academic sources and describe how they will be used in your argument

Marking is de-identified - please ensure that you do not include your name in your submission or in the file name of your submission. On a separate page at the end of your submission for SWT3 you must include a Reference list or Works Cited list. You should follow APA or MLA style requirements.


Short Writing: Arrangement Task



Avoiding Youth Violence


Technological advances have offered several opportunities for children by providing them with a wider range of activities; however technology has caused psychological problems among young children. Technology has increased aggressive thinking and behavior among young people; hence it needs to be limited.

Thesis statement: Because of violent video games, young people are constantly exposed to violence, which has a significant risk to their health; hence violent video games need to be limited owing to the negative influence on young people.

Body Paragraphs

First Body Paragraph: The many advances in technology offer children with a variety of activities; however, they also help be harmful to them. Young people are the risk of developing aggressive behavior because they are constantly exposed, violence through video games. Several research studies have proven that media violence contributes to desensitization to violence, aggressive behavior, and fear.

Research studies indicate that video games containing violence cause aggressive behavior among teenagers. These studies have linked aggressive behavior based on several hours spent playing these games (Smith et al, 2017).

In a study by the Kaiser Foundation, the report reveals that teenagers between 12 to 18 years to spend several hours playing video games without any adult supervision. The study further revealed that playing violent video games encourages aggressive behavior because aggressiveness is repeated; this reinforces learning patterns to teenagers (Smith et al, 2017). Scholars have further linked some of the school shootings to violent video games.

Second body Paragraph:

Young resolve their fear and anxiety by projecting their fear. Most video game storylines are about heroes, video games use violence as a way of glorifying these heroes or as a way of resolving conflicts .Other video games

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