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Autism diagnosis and Family Perceptions Research (Essay Sample)


How do diverse families perceive a diagnosis of autism and how do different families cope with the diagnosis and characteristics of autism


Autism Coping Strategies
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Autism Coping Strategies
Autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a brain problem that is associated with the impairments that affect both the social and communication of a person or a child. The consequences of the ASD lead to adverse restrictions and behaviors that are viewed differently among the diverse cultural backgrounds. For instance, while some community and families prefer victimization and stereotyping, other embrace inclusiveness with a welcome support to both the patients and families affected. Such family and communal behavior stem out of the related activities by the affected persons such as communication, movement of the eyeballs, recognition of faces, comprehension of the language of communication and lip movement among others (Hoogsteen & Woodgate, 2013). Therefore, the most critical aspect of autism is its management based on the perception at diagnosis and coping stage after diagnosis. It is realized that many people in different cultures have different ways of coping with the condition. The essay herein henceforth presents some of the coping strategies from different parts of the world.
Autism diagnosis and Family Perceptions
Perception of the parents of the ASD patients and treatment coupled with management of such conditions are impacted by cultural beliefs. Such beliefs have the diverse outcome of the management through diagnosis and treatment. The understanding of the causes and expectations of the families regarding the condition are usually centered on the family values, beliefs and their communication techniques with the people involved (Wang, Michaels & Day, 2011). Such perceptions are normally diverse in different family settings. In most cases, similarities on the perception regarding the diagnosis of the condition in different parts of the world bring about sadness, devastation, and depression upon the reception of information. Besides, these families express much uncertainty on the causes and underlying conditions regarding the infection. For example, parents in Chinese society usually have higher expectations from their children regarding academic achievement. Therefore, parents with children suffering from ASD suffer from stress upon diagnosis of the condition. Such stress levels, when compared to parents from the USA with children suffering from ASD, revealed to be higher in China (Wang, Michaels & Day, 2011). One aspect that usually affects most parents upon diagnosis is the slow progress in language development at tender ages. Besides, caring for the children with autism is usually stressful hence cultural norms play important role in the process. For example, most of the children usually shy away from talking if the adults are from different cultures. Therefore, the parents tend to care for their children with ASD after diagnosis or assign a person within the child's cultural community is crucial since they understand the expectations and the condition within the context of the community (Altiere & von Kluge, 2009).
The Autism Coping Strategies
Coping strategies after diagnosis of autism differ among people of various cultural backgrounds. For example, it is realized that Chinese parents usually avoid seeking help from other people who are not part of their culture. On a spate note, parents whose children suffer from ASD usually cooperate and adapt quickly to reduce stress in the western countries such as USA (Lin, et al., 2011). In other nations such as Taiwan, parents with childr

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