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Attitude towards Disability (Essay Sample)

3 pages, 12 pt Times font 1. Give your assignment a title that is both descriptive and engaging. 2.For both in-text and full referencing, use the referencing style found in the Berger book only. 3.The only exception is that you are to include page numbers for all citations. 4.Do not use long quotations or string quotations; paraphrase and cite. View In My Language. http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=JnylM1hI2jc Discuss the video in relation to these readings: 1. Self-Definition, The Politics of Naming by Sarah Triano See: http://ussfaccess(dot)wordpress(dot)com/the-politics-of-naming/#triano 2. Definitions of Disability See: http://plato(dot)stanford(dot)edu/entries/disability/#ModDis Disability Definitions 3. The meaning of autism: beyond disorder Sara O'Neil* In the first paragraph state your one sentence argument about how the video relates to the readings. Put your argument in italics. Be clear and precise: I argue that … because … In the body, defend your argument using the video,readings and any course notes. In the last paragraph, discuss the significance of what you wrote. Why is it important and for whom is it important? source..

Attitude towards Disability
Many people with various disabilities have been faced by challenges of coping with the attitude they receive from the other people. The issue of disability has been exaggerated and made the people in such status to feel isolated and alone in their own world. The video labeled, “ in my own language” is comparable to the texts, “ Self-definition by Sarah Triano, Definitions of Disability and The meaning of autism,” in my opinion, the major discussion touches on disability and the negative impacts it brings through the name that dictates way it is handled within the society, implying that disability is inability.
The video “in my language “features a person communicating in the silent mode due to autism, where we receive the feelings and impression of that kind of a person in regard to other people’s perceptions. The video highlights the way normal people consider the autism condition or silent interaction with the environment, putting in that they are usually termed as living in the world of their own. The other people also tend to disable everything or activity that the people with autism do, especially in environmental interactions, the way they think looks quite different from the standard concepts. In addition, the video states that these kinds of people would only be viewed as normal if they communicated in the language of the normal people, while those that consider themselves normal don’t understand the language of those with autism. This brings insight regarding the individuals that can be easily referred as with disability and further considerations indicat...
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