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IR206 Regional Economic integration around the world. (Essay Sample)


What you need to do now is investigate what independent variables scholars are claiming are affecting your dependent variable. To do this you will need to continue reviewing scholarly articles that study these factors that are influencing your dependent variable. Therefore your next step should be to find articles that report on such independent variables in the database entitled, "Political Science Complete" (EBSCO). Select at least three articles from the database and identify at least three independent variables that the research claims is affecting your dependent variable. Once you have identified three independent variables draft an introductory paragraph similar to the one discussed in class. Be sure to cite everything using the APA style format.
Assignment 2
General Topic:
Regional Economic integration around the world
How do international economic policies or decisions affect people/nation-states/the international system?
Working Question:
Under what conditions do [economic policy] affect the economic welfare of individuals/businesses? a nation-states economy? Economic development worldwide?
Concept 1: 
Regional economic integration
Concept 1 Definition:
This concept allows countries to perform a more efficient allocation of distribution of production factors. Moreover, it helps in improving the division of labour while heightening the efficiency of the regional economy. In turn, it enhances social welfare. Countries that seek to be involved in the international competitive market, this concept is necessary to decrease the risk of trading and investment (Hsiu-Ling & Chien-Hsun, 2004).
Concept 1 Citation APA Style:
Hsiu-Ling Wu, & Chien-Hsun Chen. (2004). The Prospects for Regional Economic Integration Between China and the Five Central Asian Countries. Europe-Asia Studies, 56(7), 1059.
Concept 2: 
Economic policy
Concept 2 Definition:
Economic policy signifies the engagements of the government to control the economic field. It enfolds the interest rates that manipulate the economic systems, as well as the government budget, national ownership, labour market, and all the other areas that may become a factor in controlling the country’s economy (Arens, 2018). 
Concept 2 Citation APA Style:Arens, P. (2018). ‘Strictly Non-committal’: British Economic Policy and the Commonwealth. Round Table, 107(5), 571.
Concept 3:  Economic welfare
Concept 3 Definition:
This concept demonstrates the quality of the standards of living in an economy. Some of its indicators include the gross domestic product (GDP), literacy, and level of pollution (HIGGS, 2015). 
Concept 3 Citation APA Style:
HIGGS, R. (2015). Gross Domestic Product--an Index of Economic Welfare or a Meaningless Metric? Independent Review, 20(1), 153.


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Independent Variable 1:
ASEAN Economic Community
Definition of Variable 1:
The ASEAN Economic Community, also known as the AEC, is part of the proactive economic integration efforts of the participant countries. This involves trading and investment policies for economic growth and development, an increase in potential benefits, and efficient use of resources of the involved countries (Thanh, 2015). This also greatly affects both small and large businesses and enterprises greatly depending on factors such as level of awareness, differences in progression, and implementation procedure (Lee, Narjoko, Oum, 2017).

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