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IPCC 5th Assessment -- Synthesis Repor. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is a United Nations body, founded in 1988, which evaluates climate change. The IPCC assesses research on climate change and synthesises it into major 'assessment' reports every 5–7 years. The scientists who comprise the body are preeminent, and extremely well respected, climate scientists -- who come from diverse countries all over the word. Note as well that ~99% of climate scientists from around the world support the findings of the IPCC.
Your assignment as part of "Discussion Post 5" is to watch a video produced by the IPCC (see the utube link below) which summarizes the IPCC's finding from their most recent [5th, (2014)] assessment of climate change. After watching the video please succinctly (300-400 words) discuss two pieces of information related to what was presented in the video that you found interesting and perhaps important. And, further, explain why you found this information interesting and important. Have fun! gjl


Discussion Post
IPCC 5th Assessment - Synthesis Report
Sufficient evidences show that human activities have affected the world climate adversely since the inception of the industrial revolution. The IPCC objectively analyzed a lot of data to establish the degree of harm we have inflicted on the planet and whether our recent interventions have been successful. Interestingly, they came across a very disturbing trend that showed an the highest emission in history since 2000-2010, despite the measures to limit the climate change. 

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