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Arts Raise Our Awareness Of The Environment (Essay Sample)


Knowledge Question: To what extent are the arts about raising our awareness of the environment that surrounds us?
Respond to the following questions. Your response should be 280 words in total for this assignment. Please number your responses.
1. After reading the article about Sarah Roberts and looking at her watercolor paintings, what is a similar example of art raising awareness of our surroundings? Please cite your outside source.
2. How does the knowledge that bacteria is present in this art affect your perception of the work? (connection to prior learning: art for art's sake or necessity of background knowledge for full appreciation)
3. What is one example of something aesthetically pleasing that you've studied in the natural sciences that perhaps is not traditionally thought of in that way? What made you think it so?


To what extent are the arts about raising our awareness of the environment that surrounds us?
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Haward, (2016) argues that Maria Penal Cobo a Spanish painter who resides in Massachusetts turned into nature for inspiration in her art. She grows colorful bacteria with the help of microbiologists and the paints these microbes into remarkable masterpieces. Growing these bacteria is highly tricky because bacteria come from different species, they eat and behave differently in various environments. Others get color immediately they sprout while others acquire their color when they are old. The artist has also painted bacteria could grow on her lips and her house key. Such arts show that people recognize that bacteria is a normal part of human life. While other

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