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When Men are at the Disadvantage because of their System (Essay Sample)


Analyse an example of boy culture and highlight what it says about who boys are and who they want to be.
You must draw from 1-3 readings from the course. Make sure to provide evidence of the youth cultures you examine. Examples can be taken from popular culture (including social media), or your own experiences.
tik tok can be a good example. and the emo boy culture.


Boy Culture:
When Men are at the Disadvantage because of their System
[date]I - Introduction
The Varsity Player
II - Body
Why Boys, the Society Believes, will be Boys
The Gentleman that Provides
The Burden
III - Conclusion
The Society’s BoysThe Varsity Player
In the late 2000s to early 2010s, most entertainment productions like TV series and music videos portray the leading man as the sporty and popular guy. Troy of Highschool Musical is a basketball player on his campus and belongs among its undisturbed population. In Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me music video, the leading man is a football player who dates the school cheerleader. Both characters in the productions display popular characteristics like being known by everybody, has a friendly side, and, of course, the team’s best player. Let us not forget how these characters’ cool characters are enhanced. Both Taylor’s partner in the music video and Troy have the ‘nerd girl’ who is their love interest or are attracted to them. Troy has Gabriella, who is portrayed as the Science geek and friends with the campus’s ‘uncool’ population.
On the other hand, Taylor Swift is portrayed as the rimmed-glasses girl who sits and plays on the bleacher and the school band. These girls’ portrayal as the total opposite of the cool guy characters and their love interests builds up men’s societal image. It sends the message that cool and handsome guys like those two can love girls that are “not their level,” which makes them even more relaxed. 

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