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AMM & OFK: Women’s Capacities (Essay Sample)


Answer each of the questions below. Each answer should be one single-spaced paragraph of between 150-200 words. Use times new roman font in size 12.
Q1. According to the authors, why are the two organizations - AMM & OFK - more effective in developing women's capacities/improving their lives? Give at least two specific reason/examples.
Q2. Based on this reading, why is it useful to have woman-specific spaces and organizations in development? Give at least two specific reasons/examples.


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1. According to the authors, why are the two organizations – AMM & OFK – more effective in developing women’s capacities/improving their lives? Give at least two specific reason/examples.
The AMM and OFK are more effective because both organizations encourage women by providing specific and training opportunities to attempt male roles (Vansteenkiste & Schuller, 2018, pg. 156). The AMM provides animal husbandry and leadership training whereas the OFK provides machine maintenance and animal husbandry with a primary objective of autonomy from men. For women, autonomy is significant because traditionally, they are required to look upon men to meet household needs. Both organizations gave out loans to support all the diverse activities (Vansteenkiste & Schuller, 2018, pg. 156). The AMM gave out pregnant animals which were introduced to animal husbandry, lent out seeds for gardens, established a community garden to facilitate the sharing of novel ideas, and lent money to the women so that they could hire people to weed. The AMM focuses largely on addressing women’s difficulties to build autonomous, independent women.
The OFK has a cocoa processing project in which members locally purchase cocoa beans and later process and sell them. The OFKs mission is to establish better lives for women (Vansteenkiste & Schuller, 2018, pg. 151). The OFK further executes projects to improve women’s lives socially, culturally, and economically – and te

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