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Americans with Disabilities Act (Essay Sample)

Part II: Write an essay of about 500 words that describes the legislation and explains its significance. How did the legislation come to be passed (did a particular group lobby for the legislation? Is it in response to a particular event)? What need does this legislation address? Has the legislation impacted the lives of the protected group? How? This essay must be formatted using APA style and must include the following: - A cover page - In-text citations and a reference list with at least two reliable sources - A strong introductory paragraph that introduces the topic for the reader - A strong concluding paragraph that summarizes the essay's major points source..
AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT Name Institution affiliation Course Date of Submission Americans with Disabilities Senator Tom Harkin brought the Americans with disabilities act (ADA) to the senate, where it passed before the congress enacted it and the president signed it into law in 1990. It has since been amended once in 2008 and signed by the president as the ADAAA (ADA Amendment Act). This law is a collection of civil rights, which defend the disabled citizens of America by advocating against and prohibiting discrimination against the disabled in the work place. According to this act, a person is disabled if he (or she) has a mental or physical impairment that substantially limits a major life activity. However, not all cases are disabilities, and the court rules out drug abuse and visual impairment that can be rectified by use of lenses. The following paragraphs are a summary of the legislation and its significance. The act has five titles, which are employment, public entities, public accommodations, telecommunications and miscellaneous provisions. The act asserts that a business institution hiring at least fifteen people has no right to discriminate against an individual who is qualified based on his disability, mental of physical. Discrimination in the work place may include denying qualified but disabled individuals a chance to work, job promotions or special accommodation based on their disabilities (ADA, 2010). The second title deals with access to public utilities such public transport and hospitals, schools and market, among others. In this title, the act prescribes that all public utilities must provide visible signs for persons with disabilities, such as the access sign. The third title deals with public accommodation and ...
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