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Is The American Society Class-Conscious/Oriented? (Essay Sample)


Is the American society ‘class-oriented/conscious’?  What could be the ‘cross-cutting’ cleavages in the American society/politics?  Discuss whether the political ideology (e.g. conservatism, liberalism, libertarianism, etc.) could cross-cut the American society of different classes, if any.


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Is the American society class-conscious/oriented? The American society presents an enigma that despite prominent differentials in prestige, power and wealth, there should not be clearly marked social classes. In simple words, we can say that Americans have not divided themselves into groups based on their class, gender, background, religion and personal differences. In fact, it is one of those states where there is no concept of class, meaning people of all backgrounds and religions can sit together and spend quality time with each other. Unlike the United States of America, China and Japan are class-conscious states because here people are divided into groups based on their religions and wealth. In no part of the United States, there are people loving the idea of developing friendships with people of their own class. In fact, it is a liberal state where everyone understands the value of life and gives respect to the people around him, no matter what their class is. From high school students to sensible company representatives to the politicians themselves, no one seems to be a class-oriented, and instead gives importance to all human beings. America is one of those states where gays are also given respect and freedom to live their life according to their interest, taste and mental capabilities (Perrucci & Wysong, 2008).
What could be the cross-cutting cleavages in the American society? Various states divide themselves into groups based on the people who have spent years together or who speak the same language. But in the United States, there is no such concept. In fact, in this

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