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American Idealist: The Sargent Shriver Story Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Course: Introduction to public administration
Assignment Instructions:
Dear Colleagues:
I am embedding the Youtube site where you may access the video. I would like for you to watch the video (I know everyone is incredibly busy so you may advance the video to get the gist of it or watch it over several sittings).


I had the pleasure of being a young student when Sargent Shriver was alive. He is, is my estimation, one of the greatest Americans that ever lived. We should all want to exercise his sense of community and the values we listed last week in our class about leadership.
I would like for you to inculcate the following into your writing about Sargent Shriver:
1. Summarize Sargent Shriver’s role in making the American ideal of leadership and community a possibility and accessible to all.
2. How does his idealism and his desire to make “democracy” (a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives; the control of an organization or group by the majority of its members) an important part of his message by having people in various walks of life invested in their own betterment?
3. Are there ways for us to extend our own personal largesse and social capital to make our respective countries better?
Please feel free to include your personal thinking about being an Idealist. Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length; double spaced; and in 12 pitch font.


American Idealist: The Sargent Shriver Story
American Idealist: The Sargent Shriver Story
Born in 1915, Robert Sargent Shriver is known for fighting for the rights of the poor and powerless people in the society through calling people to serve. His idea on leadership and power in America was centered on the fact that these two were achieved through service to others and not through war as was initially believed.
Through his work, Sargent Shrive succeeded in making the American ideal of leadership and community a possibility and accessible to all. For instance, he was in charge of leading the Peace Corps, which was an organization that was focused on serving and helping other people irrespective of the differences in race, education or color. Shiver’s organization believed that through service to others, peace could be attained and in the process, the possibility of war could be avoided. Through his leadership of the Peace Corps, Shriver therefore played a vital role of instilling in the Americans, a culture of service and caring for others in the community. His role is also seen from the fact that many foreign communities have benefitted from his Peace Corps organization in terms of being given medical, technical and educational aid. This clearly indicates his role in making his ideal of leadership and community a possibility and accessible to all.
Inarguably, Sargent Shriver’s idealism and desire

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