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Women’s Movement by Amanda Hess. Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Read How a Fractious.... by Amanda Hess.
Jot down at least 4 quotations as you read.
Answer at least 2 of the following questions. Min 250 words.
As we discussed in class, COMMUNITIES often form around TRAUMA. Describe the community (or communities) before the movement and after the march. How and why were they receptive to change?
Hess talks about INDIVIDUALS within the community. Pick one person from the article and describe why they joined the community and how it affected them.
How would you gauge the success of the activism? Was it ‘effective?’ How? Why?
What is the march's relationship to Collective Memory? Or Emotional Truth? Or Artifice?


Women’s Movement by Amanda Hess
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Hillary Clinton initially shied away from the thought of being called a feminist for fear of rejection. The thought that taking the stand as a true feminist would stand in the way of her political career was unbearable. According to Amanda Hess, She had vied for the past election without taking any stand on the issue of women representation but as the years go by, feminism became adored by many (Hess, 2017). The establishment of media pages, shows and movements coerced her to change her mind. The 2017 elections saw her openly announcing her advocacy for women leadership, the need to protect the rights of women and promoting gender equality. Joining the movement helped her amass massive support not only from

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