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Impact of newer larger air craft on airport management (Essay Sample)

PLEASE FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS WITH THE ATTACHMENTS BELOW INCLUDING APA GUIDELINES INSTRUCTIONS Your assignment is to write a research paper discussing the impact of newer larger aircraft on airport management. Questions that you should answer, but are not limited to include: 1. What are the effects on airport design and the frequency of airport pavement replacement and repairs? 2. What are the effects on taxiway and apron separations? 3. What are the effects on gate capacity and baggage handling operations? 4. What are the effects on aircraft servicing operations? If you have questions please ask. Please ensure you venture beyond the textbook for this assignment. Each paper (text) must be 3-4 complete(full) typed pages and use APA formatting. Also the paper must have at least 3 academic references. NOTE: WILL PENALIZE SEVERLY IF THE PAPER IS NOT IN PROPER APA FORMAT. source..

Title: Impact of newer larger air craft on airport management.
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According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) -aircraft certification, “a large aircraft refers to an aircraft of more than 12500 pounds which is the maximum certificated takeoff weight”. The heaviest and the largest aircraft in the world have a maximum takeoff weight greater than 600tonnes. Since the larger aircraft have a greater capacity as well as the advanced technological features, the airport management needs changes to cater for their operation. The first reaction by the management of large airports was to put restrictions to the New Large Aircraft by designated those aircrafts to specific terminals, routes and runways. However, this led to delays and air traffic congestion. Given the rising numbers of the New Large Aircraft the only safe way to efficiently manage air transport is to upgrade infrastructure. This paper will focus on the impact of the newer larger aircraft on airport management. In discussing the impact of entrance of this larger aircraft, we shall look at the changes that have taken place since the entrance of this large aircrafts.
In the recent years there has been an increase in number of people travelling by air. According to Yeamans (2006) the number passengers travelling by air is rising at the rate of 5% annually. The number is predicted to double and triple in 15years and 20years time respectively. This has led to the development of larger aircrafts to deal with the influx of passengers in the airports. The first large aircrafts were made by Airbus industry. These large aircrafts included the Boeing777 and A380. It is important to note that these aircrafts are bigger than the initial B747-400. However, continued increase in need of air travelling made the aircraft manufacturers to develop the “super Jumbo” jet. The Super Jumbo Jet has a carrying capacity of 555 to 800 passengers (Yeamans, 2006).
Most of the large aircrafts have a wingspan of over 262 feet. This calls for an expansion in the airfields at the airports where they operate. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has designed a new operational for large aircraft. The Group VI design standard is meant to cater advanced modifications required by the large aircrafts. The new standard requires that the taxiways and the runway width be increased as well as the taxi-way-to taxiway and runway-to-taxiway.
Despite the fact that the arrival of the new aircraft has eased airport congestion and continues to mee...
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