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Air Operations Research Assignment: Hansell And Colleagues (Essay Sample)


No worries over the cover page I will get that done. Thank you.
Find an article (academic source preferred) with respect to learning objective #1 for week two - "Learn the various acts of legislation that have influenced the development and operation of airports since the early days of aviation." Please ensure you follow the directions below. Contact me if you have questions or need any assistance. This assignment is due on Sunday.
Homework Assignments/Articles Review:
Homework assigned articles reviews will be graded on the following criteria:
It is recommended that articles come from a current event topic related to Airport Planning and Management. Examples would include Airport Security, Airfield Operations, Aircraft Accidents, ARFF, and/or Noise Compatibility. Other topics covered in the text may apply (must coordinate with the professor prior to using something outside of the topics mentioned).
Please keep in mind that an article analysis is NOT a summary of the article.
1. Identify the author's thesis
2. Discuss the facts in the article that support the author's thesis. In addition discuss how the facts of the article relate to the course content. If you are including facts from the article, I should see some paraphrasing with in text citations. Use APA for in text citations. Are there resources with the article? Are they current?
3. What are the strengths and weakness of the article as is relates to the profession? Is there evidence of bias or faulty reasoning? In this section you will need to bring in outside sources to either support "truth" found in the article or "faulty reasoning". What are others saying about this topic? Is there conflicting information out there?
4. Conclusions - concluding remarks regarding your review/analysis of the article.
The article review should be 2-3 pages in length (not counting the Cover Page and Reference List) and must include at least 3 References (original article and support of review).


Air Operations
The author's thesis
Hansell and colleagues (2013) supposed that there was a link between the levels of aircraft noise and health outcomes among residents of London living near Heathrow airport. The health outcomes were coronary heart diseases, stroke and cardiovascular, and the researchers focused on day and night-time aircraft exposure.
Facts in the article
Hansell and colleagues collected data on hospital admissions among Londoners living near Heathrow Airport, with a focus on Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) and, stroke and mortality associated with the health risks. While there was also a focus on road traffic noise pollution, and sleep deprivation, the lung cancer mortality was a proxy for smoking. The ethnicity of residents was also considered as those from South Asian origin were considered at high risk (Hansell et al., 2013). Sex and ethnicity are potential confounding factors in the study highlighting the need for effects of these factors.
When the study was carried out in 2013, there were approximately 3.6 million residents living near the airport, and the researchers focused on a small area of 12 boroughs and 9 districts of London (Hansell et al., 2013). In the case of risk for hospital admissions, the research covered an area where there were approximately 300 residents and for the risk of mortality the area contained approximately 1,500 inhabitants (Hansell et al., 2013). There was a statistically significant relationship between exposure to airport noise and higher relative risk of cardiovascular admissions. The higher levels of aircraft noise levels were also associated with high relative risk of stroke and coronary heart disease after adjusting for age, ethnicity, deprivation, sex and lung cancer mortality as the smoking proxy (Hansell et al., 2013).
The researchers used recent articles and sources up to the year 2012, but there was one from the year 1945 by Medoff and Bongiovanni. In studies of aircraft noise levels and health outcomes, few resea

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