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Research How Agents Of Socialization Impacted Your Life (Essay Sample)


There is no required length for this assignment answer the questions satisfactorily in as much space as needed. There are no external references required, you may cite the book (no works cited needed.) The rubric is as follows. Development of Ideas 50% How clear and focused is the essay? How well does the writer know the topic? Is there a clear main idea? Organization 10% Is the essay well structured? Does the organization enhance understanding? How well are transitions used? Are the introduction and conclusion clear? Conventions 10% Is the essay well-edited? Does the writer use a wide variety of conventions that enhance the text? How much do errors interfere with meaning? Voice 10% Is the writer's voice distinctive? Does the voice enhance the essay? Does the essay beg to be read aloud? Is the voice appropriate for the audience (not too formal or informal)? Focus and Coherence 20% The extent to which the document establishes and maintains a controlling idea or bottom line, and an understanding of purpose and audience, and completes all parts of the task.
Socialization is defined as the process by which the individual internalizes the norms, values and beliefs of their social world. The socialization process occurs throughout the life course of the individual and is influenced by agents of socialization, which include a variety of social institutions and daily social interactions. Think about how you have been influenced by agents of socialization throughout your life. Consider how you have been molded and shaped through years of socialization. In an essay, compare and contrast how agents of socialization impacted your life when you were a high school student and now as a college student. Be sure to define the term agents of socialization and identify the specific categories of agents of socialization in your response.


How Agents of Socialization Impacted Your Life
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How Agents of Socialization Impacted Your Life
You have probably heard people say that “Humans are social creatures” and wonder what they mean. The truth and originality of this statement depends on the context that this statement is saying. However, the statement is used by many that human being cannot live a fully functional life without the influence and mingling with other people that are close to the person. Research shows that 85% of a person's life activity are explicitly influenced by other people that are close to a person (Butler-Barnes, Martin, & Boyd, 2017). Socialization is the interaction of human beings to learn the norms and ways of life that help them coexist in harmony and grow socially. These social interactions and connections are very essential to a person's social life development as it helps set a standard comparable role and functions that dictate how a community should operate (Butler-Barnes, Martin, & Boyd, 2017). This means that for a given community, there is a certain code of conduct and practice that one should exercise. Some of the socialization agents that impacted my life include school, family and religious community.
Socialization among teenagers is a very crucial part of the development since it determines the social interaction and social life of an individual. For a teenager, school is the most common agent of socialization. Therefore, it is important to take care and control this socialization agent. In my high school life, socializing was one of the key things that we were involved in the day to day activities. The socialization among ourselves i

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