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Against Recreational Marijuana Legatization Assignment (Essay Sample)


This is getting ready for a debate, please follow the instructions. I have added the, my part is against but the instructions say research the alternatives so I can critically engage with the opponent position. I am adding chapters 5 and 8 which you might will need you can use your own references as well. I will try to do research to send other materials you might need. I need in 10 days. cover page, in text citations, references page. Only do part one for now
there will be coming a rebate on Marijuana I am getting the paper done as I speak my part is against. but the paper I am getting ready to order is a rebuttal for the students who were for marijuana. I just thought maybe the same writer can do this paper as well I am about to order as we speak
I am sorry chapter 6 was with it which you do need. Take what you need.


Against Recreational Marijuana Legalization
Institution of Affiliation
Against Recreational Marijuana Legalization
Historically, long before the year 1996 the history and debate of marijuana in the United States was different from what it is today. Before the year 1996, the use of marijuana was considered illegal. In the year 1996 the California state passed a law for the use of marijuana but limited its use for medical use only. The passing of this law was supported by medical researchers who identified that marijuana was a good remedy for chronic diseases, effective in chemotherapy among many other such health problems. Since then the history of marijuana changed as several other states followed suit by passing laws legalizing the use of marijuana for medical use. As time went by, the number of marijuana use increased. The states, upon realizing the income generated from the sale of this substance, led by Washington State and Colorado they legalized the sale of marijuana

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