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Critical Thinking and Research: Affordable Care Act (Essay Sample)



Please write (use your own words, you can quote and cite but please do it correctly) 2 pages APA format about a social welfare problem on Affordable heath care for the age and poor with a policy that is passed (Affordable Care Act) and maybe another policy that are being considered to be passed.

  1. Please describe the nature of the problem. 
  2. How does it affect this particular group?
  3. How does it affect society? Explain why is a social problem, does this social problem lead to other problem? Explain why
  4. Does it create crimes or other issues, For example, if we talk about poverty, why does it happened, why is hard for certain people to escape from poverty, be clear and concise so the reader can understand.
  5. Does it cause/lead to other problems? Anything else you can add to this, explain what pros and cons of the problem.
  6. why does it happen?
  7. What sustains it (why does it keep happening)?
  8. Does the problem affect specific societal populations more than others? If so, identify these populations.
  9. What Federal or State policies (identify) are in effect or proposed to address the social problem, if is a state policy identify the state.

Affordable Care Act
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as the Obamacare, has revolutionized the health care and is bound to make even more changes in the future. This is especially the case when considering the Medicare. For the most part, it is going to affect the way that the elderly and the poor population in the society are able to access health care.
The complexity of the problem is mainly associated with several aspects such as less access to care, less plan choices, less access to physicians, higher part D premiums, higher taxes and future of Medicare that does not seem stable (Senger, 2013). This is thus going to place burden on the elderly and the poor as the system is going to be less flexible for them and offer fewer choices for their health care. Ideally, the cost of health care is going to rise relative to the growing portion of insurance in their budgets. This is also the case with income, and thus the poor and the elderly are bound to bear the blunt of inefficiencies in the system.
To understand the complexity of the problem relative to the society, it is crucial to understand the imbalance that exists between the rest of the society and the population of the elderly and that of the poor (Senger, 2013). As the burden is placed on this population, there is bound to be an even bigger gap in the society. As the gap widens, this will create an even higher larger gap between the poor and the rich (Garfield & Damico, 2016). This is bound to slow down the economy relative to the number of people that will not have the ability to access health care. The poverty level is bound to rise even higher (Garfield & Damico, 2016).
One of the aspects that is likely to come up is the number of people that will be pushed towards poverty by the ever rising costs that they have to manage in the budgets. The taxes are bound to keep rising and the cost of medical care is also going to take a large part of their budget which keep rising but the income does not (Senger, 2013). This is bound to bring about higher crime rates as people try to survive. Ideally, it is quite hard ...
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