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PRO 466 Advance Work: British Ambassador Dominic Asquith (Essay Sample)


PRO 466
Advance Work
Written Assignment 4:
The Under Fire reading details the attack on British Ambassador Dominic Asquith on June 11, 2012.  Could this attack have been prevented?  Could this attack have been avoided?  Did the detail fail in its protective security activities before, during, or after the attack?  Explain your answers with specifics.
Sources:  If using sources to support your analysis, please use the H-PU APA Guidelines for Academic Papers and the APA Example Paper Template (located under Course Resources) to develop your paper.   Please use the H-PU Virtual Library to find sources, if appropriate.
Language:  Present your paper in a professional, academic way. Your essay will be graded on style as well as content, per established grading rubrics. Your essay should have the proper structure and be free of grammatical, punctuation, spelling, and syntax errors.
Format: Format your paper according to the APA guidelines posted in the course.
Please see the rubric for written assignments posted in the course.


Advance Work
Advance Work
On 11 June 2012, the British Ambassador to Libya, Sir Dominic Asquith narrowly escaped attack when his convoy was attacked with a rocket-propelled grenade. During the incident, two of his bodyguards were wounded. One sustained injuries on the shoulder. The convoy was attacked while returning from a hotel in Benghazi where they had gone to take some meals. The attack took place only 300 yards from the British consulate office in Benghazi's al-Rabha neighborhood. The rocket-propelled grenade was fired at the front of the vehicle and blew out the windscreen. The attacked was an armored vehicle. The attackers were aiming at the vehicle that was ferrying the ambassador. However, the convoy had experienced some motor problems which led to change of convoy positions. This was the only way that the ambassador's vehicle was spared from the attack. The attackers were reported to be the Islamist militant groups who were opposed to the presence of Western officials in a Muslim country. Benghazi was the stronghold of the anti-Gaddafi's Islamist groups (Davidson, 2013).
Although the attack was executed, the attack would have been avoided in many ways. First, it was in the knowledge of the ambassador's office that Benghazi was the stronghold of the Islamist groups. In fact Benghazi was the headquarters of the Libyan rebels who were fighting against the battles to depose Mua

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