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The Topic 'Adolf Hitler Is A Hero' Is An Argument


The topic is Adolf Hitler is a hero. It is an argument. The essay for ESP language class. I will give you the format. In the first paragraph, the first sentence should be Hook, then how people talking about Hitler. Then use the sentence pattern " Even though people saying Hitler is XXXX, I think he is XXX because...(three reasons)

Then the second, third and fourth paragraph should explain three reasons.

The last paragraph should is the conclusion.

So totally five paragraphs. I will give you and essay I have written, just follow the format as what the one I gave you.


Adolf Hitler is a Hero




Adolf Hitler is a Hero

Adolf Hitler has been known for causing millions of deaths to people most of them Jewish, but on the other hand, he was revered as a man of courage, determination, vision and courage that accorded him heroic status. He left an indelible mark in history and altered its course through his actions and policies that resonated the world over. Hitler's heroism has been overlooked and many fabricated conspiracy theories demonizing his stance and vision of making Germany great. Even though people say Hitler was evil, I think he was a hero because he stamped out usury perpetrated by the Jews in Germany, he raised Germany economy and rescued German culture from the pernicious einfluence of Jewish dominance.

Hitler rescued the

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