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Did the Actions of Chelsea Manning Compromise the National Security? (Essay Sample)


Do you think what Chelsea Manning did compromised National Security? Also, what is more important, the public's right to know or protecting national security? 1-2 pages.


Did the Actions of Chelsea Manning Compromise the National Security?
Did the Actions of Chelsea Manning Compromise the National Security?
Chelsea Manning’s activism rose to international heights by her whistleblowing of the inhumane actions committed by the United States military in Afghanistan and Iraq. Driven by the concern for the rampant disregard for human rights in the United States military operations abroad including the abuse of individual privacy of other nations’ diplomatic officials, Manning decided to release a huge data of government secrets through the Wikileaks cables. Chelsea Manning released over 250,000 data cables of classified information collected from the American diplomatic officials from different stations around the globe CITATION Sam17 \l 1033 (Sampathkumar, 2017). The leaks further consisted of 470,000 cables of military reports and incidences in the embattled states of Iraq and Afghanistan CITATION Sam17 \l 1033 (Sampathkumar, 2017). 

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