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Writing Assignment Paper: 6 Comments on 8-1 & 8-2 Grief (Essay Sample)


There will be a total of 6 substantially post on students post on 8-1 there is Stephanie,Jasmine, Dr Gregg which is a question, and Jenny on 8-1 for 8-2 there are two which are Hope and Stephanie. all must have in text citation and a reference page all the materials are provided for you.

8-1 question      What types of resources would you use in helping a child or adolescent deal with the questions and the pain associated with the loss of a loved one? Research and post a minimum of three websites or other resources that might be beneficial in helping a child or adolescent deal with death, dying, loss, and/or questions regarding immortality. Include an annotation as to what the resource contains and why you think it might be helpful.


Looking at the post by Stephanie, it is very detailed. In the post it is clear that the writer has indicated the various resources that they would help an adolescent in case they lost a loved one ("Helping a Teenager Deal with Grief", 2016). The post also documents some of the information on the resources such that the readers are able to tell what they entail and how best they fit in the discussion along with how helpful they are in the situation (Fitzgerald, 2016).
As jasmine puts it, death and separation are some of the most painful experiences for any one ("How to Help a Grieving Teen | Grief Resources | The Dougy Center", 2016). For adolescents however, the experience can be traumatizing given their stage in life where they are battling identity issues and hormonal imbalances (Fitzgerald, 2016). The post also includes some very helpful resources that are relevant to the situation ("How to Help a Grieving Teen ", 2016).
Dr. Geyer
The behavior and emotions of preschoolers that are showing signs of having healed from a traumatic situation such as the loss of a loved, they will indicate intricate elements of resolve. The child will start showing interest in their daily activities, such as in their play or their studies.
According to the post, an adult helping a child that is recovering from a loss, can use the four steps of dealing with the grief process as suggested by Kail and Cavanaugh, they can also use the dual process model (Kail & Cavanaugh, 2016). As Jenny mentions, the first approach is more helpful and will have better a...
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