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504-d3: Difference Between External And Internal Evidence (Essay Sample)


504-d3Instruction:• Task 1 (1page): Defining Internal and External Evidence1. Discuss the difference between external and internal evidence as it relates to your PICOT search strategy. 2. Address the strengths and weaknesses of searching in a databank versus a web-based search engine. You must use two databanks mentioned in the text.1 page APA 6th edition format. Need 3 references. Within 5 yearsTask 2 (1 page).3. What databases did you explore? (must list a minimum of three)4. Based on your PICOT question, what is the database that you have selected to use? Elaborate on your choice, providing example of the levels of evidence available for your PICOT question in the database.     


504-D3:Search Strategies
Search Strategies
Search strategies using PICOT question as a guide is ideal when searching for relevant literature for the research. The search strategy includes, identifying evidence-based practices documented in several pieces of literature. EBP provides practical approaches to the solution of health-related problems (Botchkarev, 2017). The PICOT analysis should generate two types of evidence these are internal and external. Internal evidence includes applying diagnostic reasoning like data from healthcare records, external evidence are scientific research findings (Neuman, 2016).
During my search, I identified three online databases, the expanded ASAP (Gale), Academic One File and Academic Search Premier EBSCO. Among the three databases, Gale One File has one unique feature that the two other databases

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