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Early Medieval Art and Architecture - Women at the Tomb of Christ (Essay Sample)

Hi there, I NEED TO SEE THE OUTLINE BEFORE JULY 29TH. UPLOAD IT FOR ME BEFORE PLEASE. THE ASSIGNED PAPER IS ONLY 3 PAGES LENGTH, SO YOU SHOULD BE VERY DIRECT ON POINT WITH 0 MISTAKES. THE ONLY CITATION TO USE IS THE 4 GOSPLES OF BIBLE. I CAN GIVE YOU THE EXAMPLES->Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. ONLY THE PART ABOUT THE WOMEN AT THE TOMB. ----------------------- So this course is called Early Medieval art and architecture. IT pretty much says what it means, in the classes and lectures our professor shows bunch of pictures, Monuments , statues and all about emperors and kings, gods, and how religion came in to play from early medieval. In ORDER FOR YOU TO DO THIS , YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT RELIGION. YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CHRISTIANITY a little bit. I want you to read all (4 Gosples of bible)( WOMEN AT THE TOMB) most important part. and from the book or electric book, i want you to cite it just the way my professor mentioned in the outline. Please try to show the depiction of the image. don\\\'t give fluff stuff. Get directly into the point and compare and contrast TEXT ( 4 GOSPLES ) WIth the IMAGE YOU SEE that i will upload for you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The assigned image is from a manuscript made in England around the year 975. It depicts the “Women at the Tomb of Christ,” which is described in the four Gospels in the New Testament. Your assignment is as follows: (1) Find the relevant scriptural passage(s) that describe this event. * Read the text carefully, and study the image. * Identify and cite the appropriate book, chapter, and verses of the relevant Gospel. You may use any edition of the New Testament, and you do not need to cite the biblical passages word for word—just cite the book, chapter, and verse (for example, Matthew 2:1-12). (2) Analyze in detail the ways that the artist has chosen to depict this scene in comparison to the biblical text. No detail is too small that it should be considered irrelevant! Questions to consider include: * To what extent is the picture an illustration of the text? * What has the artist added to or omitted from the written account? * What might have motivated or explain these additions? The goal of this assignment is to get you to read and look carefully at both text and image, and relate the two to one another. You do not need to do any outside research; in fact, you should not. This paper is not meant to be an analysis of manuscript illumination in England in the tenth century. Nor should it be a simple visual description-—do not tell me how beautiful the foliage is. Rather, this assignment should give you a more precise sense of the choices made by medieval artists in constructing their images, and the relationship of those pictures to the texts upon which they are based. -------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD THE PDF FILES AND PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THE IMAGE OF THE WOMEN AT TOMB--> there are 3 other women on the right hand side. The women in the middle looks like an angle. the 4 other guys on the left, they are the SOLDIERs. BY LOOKING AT THE ARROWS THEY HAVE. So please put your self in that moment and in 3 pages follow the instructions. remember, if you don\\\'t write the right information on this essay. I will make you rewrite it again. Please make me happy with a great mark. YOU CAN GO beyond and look at other manuscripts at that time and see how they were made, and make your self completed. BUT ONLY CITE 1 ( 4 GOSPELS from bible) there are 4 different ones. the more the better. Thank you Talk about everything that relates to the image that i uploaded on the PDF. RESURRECTION OF JESUS. the 3 marys. I will upload other sources to , but only only CITE THE BIBLE NOT THE OTHER SOURCES. PLEASE DONT FORGET TO SHOW COMPARE AND COMPARISON BETWEEN TEXT AND IMAGE. ALSO THIS MIGHT HELP--> http://www(dot)sparknotes(dot)com/lit/newtestament/section2.rhtml source..

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Early Medieval Art and Architecture: Women at the Tomb
The story of the women at the tomb of Christ is found in all the four gospels of the New Testament: Mathew 28: 1-8, Mark 16:1-8, Luke 24: 1-12, John 20:1-13. "When the Sabbath was over, Mary Magdalene, and Mary the Mother of James, and Salome bought spices, so they might go and anoint him." Therefore the first people that these gospels introduce us to in regards to the story of Christ`s resurrection are the three women. Relating that text to artist`s depiction of the event, the accuracy thus far is not in question since we can see three women on that image and each of them is holding what should be spices to anoint the body of Christ. Even more conveniently is one of the women stands slightly ahead of the two others one would assume that this is Mary the mother of Jesus because she had more connection with Jesus, and she was leading the way. "And very early in the morning …. When the sun had risen, they went to the tomb." According to the gospels, the women went to the tomb early in the morning, just as the sun was rising. This description resonates with details of the image, from the way that they are dressed, and the artist tries to give an illusion of dawn by making the image appear dull.
From the biblical text we see the women asking themselves who was going to rolling the stone for them owing to the fact that the stone was big. The other impression one gets from this is that the stone was circular as the only way of opening the tomb was by rolling it. However, from the image the stone looks smaller that one would have expected, and secondly the shape is not in agreement with the shape that was depicted by the writers of the gospel. The more elaborate tombs of those days, the one on review being one used to have a wheel shaped slab of stone that would be rolled in a track across the tomb`s en...
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