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PHI 107: Theories of Knowledge and Reality (Essay Sample)


This is a philosophy paper. The writer has to read some of the pages from the book 'Introduction to Philosophy: Classical and Contemporary Reading', then there are 10 questions(topics) that are provided asking about our own opinion about the reading. It is the writer's choice to select the topic.
This is a tip of how the writer should write the paper. This should be in an argumentative form of writing. The task of this paper is to explain to any person who has not learn the book and philosophy. The professor says that if we provide this paper to a stranger who doesn't study philosophy and they still can understand what is this paper talking about, then it is a successful one.
After writer selecting the topic, reach me for the reading materials if the writer has not read the book.


PHI 107: Theories of Knowledge and Reality

Essay Two Prompts

Choose one question and write a typed essay of 750-1000 words (2-3 pages) in response. 
1. What is your take on Folk Psychology? Is it a theory about real entities that works because it’s largely true? Or is it pseudoscience on the same level as Phlogiston, witches and astrology? Should we discard it? Could we discard it? If so, what would replace it? Give some reasons or examples in support of your view.2. Is Fodor right about how often Folk Psychology works? Why or why not?3. Is Fodor right that Folk Psychology is indispensable? Why or why not?4. Consider Searle’s Chinese Room argument. Is he correct that Physical Symbol Systems have only syntax and no semantics? If he’s wrong about his thesis, then which objection do you favor? Give some reasons or examples in support of your view.5. In your opinion, how should we decide whether a given machine/ Artificial Intelligence program has a mind or not? How is the case of machines different from the case of other people?6. At one point in Ex Machina, Caleb asks Ava about Frank Jackson’s Mary argument. If successful, then this argument would suggest that no machine—assuming that machines are purely physical systems—could ever be conscious. Does the Mary argument work? Why or why not? 7. Could we ever build a robot that has conscious thoughts and feelings? Why or why not?8. What do you think will happen to Ava after the events depicted in Ex Machina? Why?9. Does a mind require consciousness? Why or why not?10. In the film Ex Machina, Caleb initially thinks he is the interrogator in a variation of the Turing Test, in which he knows the system he is testing is artificial and he is trying to figure out whether Ava is intelligent (though at times they substitute ‘intelligent’ with ‘conscious’). Do you think this test is as valid as Turing’s original Imitation Game version? Why or why not?11. Choose an artificial intelligence system that you are familiar with (e.g. Siri, Alexa, A.L.I.C.E., etc.) and discuss whether you think it would pass the Turing Test. Be sure to explain why or why not.12. Consider the Consciousness Objection to the Turing Test. Does this pose a serious problem for the Test? Is Turing’s reply adequate? Be sure to explain why or why not.13. In your opinion, is the Turing Test a good way to determine whether a machine (or AI program) has a mind? Why or why not?


Folk Psychology
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Comprehending the philosophy of Folk Psychology is necessary for philosophers, educationists, and leaders in the society. Folk psychology is a philosophical study of the human brain or the cognitive function of human to determine the reasons as to why one behaves based on the displayed characters (Fletcher, 2013). This paper is an argumentative essay that describes the on whether or not Folk psychology should be indispensable. The arguments on this paper are supported with the knowledge derived from the studies of folk pyschology. Therefore, the paper selects a position and addresses the matter using the content of the book of Folk Psychology.

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