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Theology Essay: My Experience Of The Bible (Essay Sample)


Work in groups of two or three people only and answer any four of the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. Indicate by a number which questions you are answering. Turn in only one paper per group, and be sure that it has a complete heading. Write or print on both sides of your paper before using a second piece. Failure to follow the directions will result in a toss of points. This assignment will count as a quiz grade, and it is due by the end of the period.


Theology Essay





2. My experience of the Bible

While young I could not relate many of the sermons with the Bible’s relevance, and reading the scripture was more like a ritual as the adults also read the bible. When I was teenager, I started having doubts after the place of the Bible and fellowship in my life at a time when even those who were active members are sinners. Similarly, in high school I still read the bible, but mostly on weekends. My turning point was in the last year of high school, after I started youth ministry with a neighbor and these made it easier to fellowship with others and grow my faith, and I now read the Bible more times in a week.

3. A better understanding of the bible

Applying the Bible’s teachings has made a difference in my life as I have more faith because of the belief that there is eternal life. The gospel plays an important role in a Christian’s life since when I go for Bible studies, my faith in God is reaffirmed. Besides strengthening my faith in God, my understanding of the Bible is associated with fellowship and the desire to get closer to God. Furthermore

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