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Read The Directions That Provide In The Picture: Ten Commandments (Essay Sample)


Read the directions that provide in the picture


Ten Commandments
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The tenth commandment teaches Christians that they should not covet their neighbors' goods. Christians obey this law by being grateful for what they have not because it's a request by the law, but because it is what is good for them to do which is an indication of the spirit of the law. On the other hand, they sin when they display greed and envy their neighbors for the good things that they have hence disobeyed the letter of the law.
The third commandment teaches Christians to keep the Sabbath day holy. They display the spirit of the law by dedicating that day to get close to God. On the other hand, they disobey the law when they are getting attached to personal activities and forgetting the connection that they should be creating with God. This goes against the letter of the law.
The fourth commandment teaches Christians to hear their mother and father. The spirit of the law is shown when an individual finds it right to show respect to such people. However, failure to follow the letter of the law means that a person has neglected to honor their parents and the elderly. An act which is sinful.
The eighth commandments teach Christians about bearing false witness. The spirit of the law leads Christians into ...
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