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Secret Stories (Essay Sample)


Please choose story about christmas
Please click the above link to explore resource. If you are unable to 
access it, please try this: http://www(dot)bl(dot)uk/learning/cult/sacred/stories/ (Links to an external site.)
THE LINKis also available on our class Canvas site.
View/listen to several of the stories.
Pick one from a religion that is new to you or one that is something other than your own.
Review the information in the "More Information" tab (found at the top of each "book").
Think about the questions at the end of this information.
Write your reflection:
In the first paragraph, in your own words, summarize the story.
In your second (and perhaps a third) paragraph, discuss what you have learned from reading the additional information about the context and BACKGROUND of the story: What information surprised you? What did you find most interesting? What insights about the story does this information provide you? ("What you have learned" goes beyond the information provided. "What you have learned" means your interpretation of the story based on the information provided, the lessons you can take from the story.). 
Answer at least one question associated with this story (from the questions that follow the information about the story. Be sure to make clear which question you are ADDRESSING).
Conclude your reflections by addressing the following question: Why do we tell stories like these? What value is there in telling a story to teach a lesson rather than just teaching the lesson directly?

Secret stories: the lost son- Christianity
The parable of the lost son is the story of a father and his two sons, whereby the younger son requests for his inheritance, but later squanders it all in a far away land. To the young man’s surprise is father accepts him unconditionally. The young son returns with the intention of asking for a job as a worker in his father’s homestead, but he is welcomed and a feast is prepared in his honor. The older son is not enthusiastic about his younger brother’s return, but the father reminds him that his son’s return is to be remembered and celebrated, and the older son was still entitled to his inheritance. In the story, Jesus seeks to highlight the importance of redemption to the believers.
The parable of the lost son shows boundless love and Jesus sought to urge his followers to follow suit just like the father welcomed his lost son so should Christians love others. This parable may not have been clear at the time, but it is surprising that the father did not ask anything in return for letting his son back home. The mere act of forgiveness on the part of the father demonstrated that a person who feels wronged often makes a difference in enhancing reconciliation. The lost son got the chance to reevaluate himself after squandering his fortune, and the parable reveals that he ‘found himself’ it was as though he repented after realizing his wrong choices had created a lift with his family.
The father in the parable is akin to a heavenly father further highlighting the need for believers to seek forgiveness and repent. Since the son misused all his money in sinful acts it seems that that it was up to him to seek his father’s forgiveness. It was until the lost son had been left with nothing that he soon realized that living alone, desperate in a far away country while his father still had wealth was not ideal. The act of humbling himself and accepting his mistakes shows that it was possible to repair a broken relationship. It as though God the Father is gracious to those who humble themselves before him.
The father had lon...
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