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religion paper (Essay Sample)

Your answers should be as long as they need to be (@ 100-200 word range each). Question # 1. Why do you want to study religion? Question # 2. What have you learned from these first five or six chapters that you did not know before? Question # 3. Describe your own thoughts about Sanatana Dharma. Question # 4. What sacred significance have you seen in art in these initial chapters? Question # 5. What do you think of the cosmological myths about the origin and order of the universe given in these first chapters? Note please use living religions eighth edition by Mary Pat Fisher. source..
Religion Name: Institution: Date: RELIGION Question 1 Religion is an interesting area of study since it involves most of the things that human beings are familiar to. When evaluating on the reasons that would be valid in studying religion, it is important to view a significant aspect of the benefits that the study may offer to the society. Religion is considered one of the greatest elements in the life of human beings, which makes it vital to study so that to understand and impact the society on its importance. Religious study has become a field of both social-scientific and humanistic endeavor and has flourished, becoming significant to both divinity studies and arts. This makes it an interesting subject to study, knowing that any individual is also involved and interested to quench curiosity of all the mystery of divinity and issues revolving around it. In addition, this study will enable to understand and gain knowledge about different religions and their beliefs and learn to appreciate each. During the study of various classes of religions, an individual gets to understand the meaning of certain things in life as well as lifting their spiritual life to some kind of hope of future life after death. Currently, it is obviously that both individual and social life in every place is driven and connected to religious thinking, religious issues, as well as religious actions, among others that deserve the attention of the scholars. Question 2 There is a great lesson learnt in the first six chapters regarding religion. Religion is brought out as a vibrant force in many people’s lives and numerous religions are currently experiencing a renaissance. These chapters make clearer the facts that were unknown about the ancient religions and the way it has evolved with the passing of time. Moreover, the contemporary practices and beliefs of every religion have originated (Fisher, 2010). The chapter further helps in understanding the things were still mystery and those that were not comprehensive about religion. For instance, there is a fresh provision of challenging imminent and critical evaluation of the historical progress as well as teachings of indigenous religions, traditional faiths, and the advanced religious movements. Some religious practices that happens even to date involve violence and yet the people involved expect a reward in life after death. Personally, this kind of practice was a mystery in the sense that it would be difficult to imagine some people killing and being killed for the sake of their religion and beliefs. The chapters also unfold the controversies and wonders of issues like globalization, violence, interfaith initiatives, as well as fundamentalism. Moreover, a better understanding was developed on how religion originated from every religion and the reasons for believing whatever they practice. There was a length understanding that the indigenous religion evolve...
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