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Religion and Gender. Religion & Theology Resaerch Paper (Essay Sample)


Religion and gender are two significant social issues in our society today. Consider these and other “hot topics,” and write a reflective essay in which you address the “danger of a single story” – the importance of taking a stand – as well as when it’s time to “let it go.”
In a well-organized and well-supported essay, be sure to provide specific examples to support your point of view, perhaps your own experience in your community, at work, or through your own pursuits. Consider addressing ways in which society has changed over the years – for better or worse – and suggest areas of improvement… ways in which we could improve our approach to these and other concepts facing our society today.


Religion and Gender
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Religion and Gender
Gender and religion pose significant social issues in society today. In particular, religion refers to people’s beliefs of a superhuman being, such as gods or God. Some of the most popular doctrines in the world include Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, and Buddhism. Believers of these religions do things differently as they try to please their superhuman. In addition, gender refers to the biological features that differentiate men from women. As Chimamanda Ngozi asserts in her story “The Danger of a Single Story,” the perception of things from one perspective is dangerous. For this reason, many gender and religious problems emanate from stereotypical thoughts, as witnessed in Ngozi’s narrative.

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