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Religion and Theology Essay about Cleopatra (Essay Sample)


Alternate Name(s): Cleopatra VII.
Location & Time Period: Egypt, 1st Century BC.
Recommended Research:
Cleopatra VII encyclopedia entry from Great Lives from History: The Ancient World.
Cleopatra VII encyclopedia entry from Great Lives from History: The Incredibly Wealthy.
Assignment Instructions
After reviewing the recommended research about your selected historical figure, you will use the provided template to write a two-page essay about their leadership skills and how they might play out in today's workplace. In your essay, you will provide a rationale for your selection, some background on the selected individual, discussion of leadership skills, and application of those skills in today's workplace. Refer to the template for further details on the themes you should include.
Open the Assignment 2 Historical Figures and Leadership Then and Now Paper Template [DOCX].
Download the template.
Save the template to your desktop (or another location of your choice).
Save As with the following file name: First Name_ Last Name_HUM 111_Assignment 2_quarter_ 2020. (Example: Lauren_Philip_HUM111_Assignment 2_Summer 2020.)
Complete the assignment.
Edit your work.
Make sure you have discussed each bullet point in the template.
Check your work for grammatical errors and proper Strayer Writing Standards (SWS).
Your assignment must follow these requirements:
This course requires use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS) [PDF]. Please take a moment to review the SWS documentation for details.


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For my historical figure, I selected Cleopatra. Cleopatra is a fascinating historical figure. Not only is she an influential figure in Egypt, but also in the world. When people think of a famous woman in ancient history, the name Cleopatra always comes up. Among women today, Cleopatra plays an important role because she represents what women are capable of. When she was dethroned by her younger brother Ptolemy XIII, she had to flee Alexandria. However, Cleopatra's genius and boldness would later make her the sole and last ruler under the Ptolemaic dynasty.
Cleopatra was born in 69 BC. For a period of time, she ruled alongside her father, Ptolemy XII. However, when she was 18 years old, her father died. Initially, Ptolemy XII left Cleopatra the throne. However, Egyptian custom required that a female ruler have a male consort. Therefore, she was wed to her brother. Cleopatra would then drop her brother's name from all official documents and proceed to rule alone. It is important to note that the Ptolemaic dynasty was founded by a Macedonian-Greek General Ptolemy I. Therefore, for years, the Ptolemies insisted on their Macedonian-Greek superiority and did not bother learning the Egyptian language. However, Cleopatra was fluent in Egyptian and other languages as well. As a result, Cleopatra became a better ruler, administrator, and diplomat than her predecessors.
Yet, Cleopatra's unilateral decision making would be her undoing. Her court became displeased with her attitudes and disregard for their counsel. Eventually, her chief advisor, in collaboration with other senior officials, overthrew her and made Ptolemy XIII the sole ruler of Egypt. Cleopatra then fled to Thebaid. As fortune would have it, at the same time she ran away, Caesar defeated Pompey in the battle of Pharsalus. Pompey had spent a considerable amount of time in Egypt during his campaigns. Also, he was a state-appointed guardian to the Ptolemy children. So, he fled to Egypt, knowing that he would be well received. However, when he arrived, he was killed, and his head was presented to Caesar w

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