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Jesus as God and Savior (Essay Sample)

Reflection Paper Instructions For this assignment, you should compose a 4-page double-spaced paper that addresses how the principles that you have learned throughout this course have changed your understanding of what it means to be a Christian. write these three topics in your paper: 1. Did Jesus claim to be God? 2. How can we be confident that Jesus is returning? 3. If a person is a Christian, does it matter how they live their life? As you respond to the prompt, reflect on the concepts that you have learned throughout the course (core chritianity; elmore towns & Found: Gos will; John macathur) and apply them to your specific topic. Be sure to integrate the information that you learned through the textbook readings, the assigned article readings, the lecture videos, and any other related content that you may have encountered during the course. Your paper should also: 1. Describe the course concepts that are related to your topic, demonstrating your reflection and analysis. 2. Demonstrate real ownership of the ideas that you present by providing unique insight as evidence of your careful consideration of the topic. 3. Provide a logical link between the description of the concepts from the course, and the conclusions or implications that you draw in your reflection. In other words, your conclusion should be logically derived from the application of the course concepts to the description of your topic. 4. Demonstrate learning initiative by exploring conclusions and implications beyond the boundaries of our classroom discussion. 5. Focus on depth of understanding, rather than breadth of coverage. Structure your paper in the following format (inserting the headings within the paper): I. Introduction (one paragraph introducing the three topics that you will address) II. Section One (first topic: approximately one page in length) III. Section Two (second topic: approximately one page in length) IV. Section Three (third topic: approximately one page in length) V. Conclusion (one paragraph summarizing your areas of progression in Christian thought) source..

Jesus as God and Savior
I. Introduction
There are basic questions that need to be answered by a searching soul if one has to really discover the core of Christianity. If one is to say that he is really a follower of Christ, the first thing that one needs to answer is this: Did Jesus claim that He is God? Yet to answer this question, words and reasons alone will not suffice. One has to learn to accept and abandon oneself in the light of faith to the tenets of Christian religious teachings. Without faith, one cannot really be sure about salvation. The Bible speaks about the second coming of Jesus Christ where all the might and power of God`s Kingdom would be fully realized. This was the faith that kept the fires of evangelism alive in the first apostles. More than 2,000 years have passed since then. The question still nags the believers: How can we be sure that Jesus will really come again? If one can answer this question affirmatively, a following question will arise. Can I be saved? How sure am I that I would be included in the list of the saved? This paper is an attempt to answer these nagging questions and an effort to further brighten the light of our faith. When doubts and questions arise, we turn to the Bible and we turn to God for enlightenment and grace to keep us on the right path to salvation.
II. Did Jesus Claim to be God
Jesus didn`t walk around Judea`s hills saying, "I am God!" He didn`t do a public procession saying, "I am the Messiah;. Yet His disciples called Him Master way and they also called Him "Lord;. In the Gospel, a story is written about the Transfiguration of Jesus where Jesus was seen in his shining light and where the voice of God was heard by the apostles saying that Jesus is his beloved son. During Jesus` baptism by John, there was also a voice from heaven that said the same message.
It is clear in the New Testament that Jesus is the son of God sent from heaven to the earth to serve as a bridge to salvation. Jesus himself says that He is the way, the truth and the light and no one comes to the Father except through him. And yet Jesus temporarily set aside his glory, power and honor, in accordance to God`s will, to become a helpless baby like a normal person on earth. Jesus worked as a carpenter, experienced joy and hunger and also suffered from pain and death. Although divine, Jesus is also human in every way.
At the age of 30, Jesus began to preach the public ministry. Some of the words that Jesus had spoken reflect his limitations as a man and reveal his humility. On the other hand, on other circumstances Jesus also said that there things that he can`t do and only God could make CITATION Elm \l 1033 (Towns, 2007). God has shared 30 years of his life here on earth as a human, like us. He also experienced the process and cruelty of life here on earth and underwent the sufferings of a normal human being in full obedience to the Will ...
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