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Why do Socrates and Crito agree that one should never do wrong willingly? (Essay Sample)

Please see attachment for instructions and essay topic selections. Choose 1 essay topic from the attachment list. ESSAY TOPICS Length: 5 pages Select one of the following topics and discuss concisely: 1. Why do Socrates and Crito agree that one should never do wrong willingly? 2. Do you think that Socrates has made an adequate case for the view that at least some knowledge of general principles is innate? 3. Is there a correct way to answer a “What is it?” question? If you think so, what is it.? If not, how can we confidently apply single descriptive predicates (e.g., virtue, regular pentagon, Douglas fir) to multiple objects? 4. Why is the Gyges story an important challenge to Socrates' efforts to defend the value of justice in the book ‘Republic'? source..

Why do Socrates and Crito agree that one should never do wrong willingly?
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(October 31, 2011)
Why do Socrates and Crito agree that one should never do wrong willingly?
Socrates was a Greek Athenian philosopher who was the founder of the western philosophy. He is well known for his classical writings and plays of his contemporary Aristophanes. Socrates has massively contributed in the field of ethics and through his use of Socratic irony and Socratic Method. Socratic Method is widely used in discussions and is a type of pedagogy whereby a series of questions are asked to draw answers and encourage fundamental insight into any issue of discussion. The Plato`s Socrates has made important contributions in ethics and logic fields and it is Socrates influence and ideology that has created a strong foundation of the western philosophy.
One of the historical Socrates viewpoints is known as the Socratic problem. Some of his well known students Plato, Xenophon and Aristophanes wrote his philosophical views as Socrates did not write philosophical texts. Socrates knowledge, life experiences and philosophy were based on some of his students. The most obvious difficulty with the writings by his students is that Socrates is not mentioned in the philosophical and dramatic texts written by the students and there are no straight forward histories of Socrates that dealt with his life and times.
Plato is known as the most informative source that that wrote about Socrates` life time and philosophy. Most of Socrates life`s details can be retrieved from the dialogues of Plato and Xenophon who were both devotees of Socrates. He was considered by several scholars as a master of oral modes of communication.
Socrates was married to Xanthippe who was much younger than him and they had three sons namely; Lamprocles, Menexenus and Sophroniscus. Socrates was unclear and how he earned a living and some said that he did not work. He devoted himself to discussing philosophy and regarded philosophy as the most important occupation according to him. During his execution, he refused to escape and Crito his friend criticed him for abandoning his three children. According to Xenophon and Plato, Socrates believed that the right time had come for him to die but Socrates chose had an opportunity to escape the death sentence and he attributed his choice of not to escape saying that an escape would indicate fear of death which he believed that no true philosopher would do. He believed that having lived under the cities laws, he subjected himself to the possibility of being accused of crimes by the citizens and agreed to be judged by the jury as being found guilty. He believed that these were the features of a true philosopher. To do against the rules of the city would mean that he broke the social contract with the state and this would be against his Socratic principle. Socrates refused Crito`s plea to flee from prison.
His im...
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