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Ancient Philosophy: Pythagoras of Samos (Essay Sample)

Please see attachment for instruction and essay topics. choose 1 essay topic from the list and write on it. ANCIENT PHILOSOPHY Length: 5 pages Select one of the following topics and discuss concisely: 1. Parmenides and Heraclitus represent very different approaches to understanding the world. Discuss one or more of the strengths or weaknesses of one compared to the other. 2. The pluralist thinkers can be described as people who attempted to respond to the challenge of Parmenides in a manner that respects insights of Heraclitus and of thinkers of Miletus. Select one of the pluralists and comment. 3. Pythagoras and his associates can be said to offer an account of the organizational principles governing the world. Comment. 4. In the long review of the “signposts” on the Way of Truth, Parmenides can be said to offer a powerful criticism of the transformational theories of the universe that have gone before. What is the nature of that criticism? Can you propose a satisfactory answer to it? source..
Running head: Ancient Philosophy
Ancient Philosophy
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Pythagoras and his associates can be said to offer an account of the organizational principles governing the world.
Pythagoras of Samos is a Greek mathematician cum a philosopher who founded a religious movement referred to as the Pythagoreanism. Despite leaving a legacy, much about him was written years after his death and there is no verifiable information about him available. There is speculation that he was born in Samos and travelled widely in seek for knowledge. Among the teachers that mostly influenced his life was Themistoclea who taught him about the principles of ethics (Malone, 2009). Pythagoras had an enormous influence in philosophy, science, mathematics and religion. Much of achievements dedicated to Pythagoras were accomplished by his successors and colleagues. He influenced Plato through him he had influence on the western philosophy. It is through the influence on various fields and people that have made Pythagoras and his associates to be said to offer an account of the organizational principles governing the world.
The Pythagorean theory is among the most popular mathematical contribution accredited to the Pythagorean religious school. Though it is not clear whether it is Pythagoras who proved the existence of this theory or it is his student, the theory was previously used by the Indians and the Babylonians but they could not prove its existence. He also contributed to music after correlating a harmonious noise produced by a blacksmith due to different sizes of the hammers used. He thereby deduced that harmony tune made was due the mathematical ratios that existed between the various sizes of the hammers. This has presently proven to be false (Christensen, 2002). He also developed the tetractys which was imperative in the Pythagorean worship.
Pythagoras contribution to religion and science are closely interlinked. He believed in transmigration and metempsychosis. Through transmigration, he claimed to have lived four lives that he could vividly recall. Through his great personality, he is said to have been a supernatural being that had a golden thigh symbolizing divinity and could travel through space, water, plants and any matter. He claimed that he could communicate with the plants and animals and could also write on the moon.
Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans left behind a way of life that could be employed as guiding principles of the world. The Pythagorean religious school was not focused on historical history but on the benefits that Pythagoras and his disciples brought into human race. Porphyry and Iamblichus who were Pythagoreans believed that Pythagoras was divine sent by gods to support mankind. In order to develop principles that could be employed to guide the world, he developed a school, similar to monastery or a brotherhood that hosted as many women as men. The highly secretive school was secretiv...
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