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Mythological and Modern-Day Heroes Paper (Essay Sample)


Mythological and Modern-Day Heroes Paper
Identify a hero (Use) (ISIS and Wonder Woman) from literature or popular culture who embarks on a mythical quest.
Write a paper that includes the following:
A list of the mythological hero's characteristics
A description of how that character exemplifies a mythological hero
The purpose of the mythical quest in general
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Mythological and Modern Day Heroes Paper
Student Name
Isis is a character to behold in The Secrets of Isis. She is considered as the ultimate hero character and depicts countless strong features only synonymous with heroes. She is the ultimate goddess who is called upon by the people in their time of need. She responds whenever a need arose and could only be called upon in a special way. Usually, the amulet was used as the communicating device; it had powers to call upon the goddess and was only bestowed on one person. That person was seen as her messenger and was the only one who could communicate with Isis directly.
Notably, the hero is bestowed upon unusual characters and is regarded as the savior of the community. The hero, in this case, Isis, is strong and resilient. These characteristics made her overcome the enemies whenever called upon. It also made her perform extraordinary acts, synonymous with other heroes like the Wonder Woman, for example, Isis had the ability inanimate objects transparent allowing the people to pass through them. She could also strike using the lightning rod and hold back moving objects to protect her community. These heroes were also depicted to have the ability to communicate with the birds (Early, 2003). Isis, even when in human form, could communicate with her crow that could be sent on errands. Another significant strength was to make objects move from their initial position. This came in handy whenever she had to carve out a path for her people or when even fighting for them.
Isis exemplifies a mythological hero through her acti...
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