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Morality In Music: A Review Of The Song The Climb By Miley CyrusUSIC (Essay Sample)


Number of pages does not include lyrics or Works Cited
Works Cited MUST be on a separate page. 
Minimum of 2 sources.
1. Choose a FAVORITE SONG: 
MUST include genre, artist's name, title of album (if song is found on an album), title of song, and a copy of the ***LYRICS: 
include a link so that I may listen to the song. 
Link should be at the beginning of the paper.
2. Explain what each line of the song means to you. 
Describe your developed interpretation of the song?
3. You MUST include/answer all of the following:
Give a history of the music genre you choose: country of origin, reason type of music evolved, pioneers of the genre, culture or sub-culture associated with this type of music (at least three paragraphs).
How or why do you relate to this song? Explain.
Is Christ alive in this song? Explain yes or no with reason(s).
What role does morality play in music today? Is the role positive or negative? Explain.


Music plays a central role in many people's lives. It is a form of art that is used to express emotions and a tool of communication, helping us to understand people by putting ourselves into their shoes. Music has been perceived also to have inspirational qualities, and has been used persistently within the forms of religious devotion. In fact, integrating music in praise and worship encourages people, most likely, adolescents to vocally proclaim their faith and prayers. Even though music has several beneficial effects, it is also important to keep in mind that music style and genre can negatively affect human behavior and perspective in life as well. Adolescents, nowadays, are vulnerable to the effects of music. The choice of music they listen to can be a predictor of their behavior. If they listened to heavy metal and rap, which is common nowadays, it might induce depression, behavioral problems and the like (Kent.,2006). Analyzing the message and construction of our songs today is necessary to reflect our understanding of the importance of oneself and to evaluate whether this music could direct us to have a positive point of view in life. For us to better understand, let's review my favorite song which is “The Climb”.
The Climb is a country-pop ballad popularized by the artist, Miley Cyrus in her movie- Hannah Montana. The song was produced by John Shanks and became a number one hit on the Adult Contemporary Chart on 2009 (Songfacts.,2017). Country pop music is a song genre associated with countrypolitan sound and soft rock which stemmed from the country music genre. It started out in the year 1950s and was fully counted as a type of music in 1970s. This genre originated in Nashville, Tennessee and eventually become tagged as “The Nashville Sound” as nearly all records in the genre were produced there (Wright.,D, 2011). Jim Reeves and Eddy Arnold were the first male artists to come out of this genre who were also in the country pop music since the start of their music career. On the other hand, the first female country singer to appear in this genre was Patsy Cline. Since then, many older country singers modified their music genre and style to country pop.
The Nashville was not able to sustain the popularity of the country pop for long, thus, encounter a close rivalry with another music developer. RCA Record producers Chet Atkins and Owen Bradley did the initial crossover of the two genre. They created a vision of a new kind of music aimed at the adult contemporary crowd. This marked the comeback and bloom of country pop music again. By the

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