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What is the Nature and Mission of the Church (Essay Sample)

SOURCES SHOULD BE TAKEN FROM THE BOOKS MENTIONED BELOW. Essay on the Church: 1500 words minimum. What is the nature and mission of the church? Based on the books Charitable Discourse by Dan Boone, Cords of Love by Al Truesdale with Keri Mitchell, Emerging Church by Kimball, and What a Time to be a Wesleyan by David L. McKenna how do you understand the church, its role in the world, and what do you regard as its greatest needs? What are the unique contributions of the Wesleyan tradition to the church in these days? This research essay should reflect your serious and thoughtful engagement with the books mentioned above. Sources should be properly cited. source..

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(February 07, 2012)
The Nature and Mission of the Church
The church exists because of the word of God. The Father himself who loved the world so much that he brought his only son to save people in the world started the church. Thus, the Church itself is God’s Word creation and that of the Holy Spirit. God owns the church. It is a gift by God and, hence, it cannot on its own. It can be taken as missionary, brought to serve. It is a tool of the Spirit and the Word. This is because it acts as a witness of God’s kingdom. The church is grounded and anchored by God’s Word (Truedale & Mitchell, 2007). This has been manifested in different ways. One, it is God’s Word made flesh. Jesus Christ was incarnate. He was born, crucified and rose to heaven. Consequently, it is the word as talked about in the history of God with his people. Additionally, there is a record of the existence of the church in both the Old and the New Testament.
It is the word as listened in witness, action and preaching to the church. The Church is also the communion to the people of which on the basis of their encounter with the Word, remain in a surviving relationship with God. This is the God who speaks to them and demands for their sincere response. It is the Faithfull’s’ communion. This is normally the similar vocation of all Christians. Additionally, the faithful normally exemplifies by their response towards Mary to the annunciation angel. This is illustrated in the book Luke 1:38. As a result, Mary remains a symbol of the Church (Boone, 2011).
For this reason, the Church is God’s word. This word of God refers to the gospel that as an existing voice nourishes and creates the Church in all ages. The divine Word is normally witnessed and heard through the scripture (Kimbal, 2003). The Word of God which calls upon faith was brought about by the activities of the Holy Spirit. This is according to the book of Corinthians 12:3. According to this scripture, the Holy Spirit and the Word is one and the same thing. The two cannot be separated. Based on the Faithfull’s communion, the Church; hence, refers to the Holy Spirit’s creature. This was the same case as Christ’s life; the Holy Spirit was active from the time Jesus Christ’s conception by the mystery of paschal. This is the case up to now after the rising of the Lord. The Holy Spirit combines individuals into Christ’s body. This is normally through baptism and faith. It strengthens and enlivens them as Christ’s body sustained and maintained in the Last Supper of the Lord. This leads them towards the complete accomplishment of their vocation (Albert & Richard 1991).
On the theological basis, the Church is one. One the contrary, the historical churches despite all the advances in ecumenism continue to remain a divided lot on various issues of significance. This has hindered their witness to Go...
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