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History of Christianity (Church History) Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


How has the Church struggled with heresies over the years? Outline in summary the key heresies that were corrected by the 'Fathers' (Apostolic and Church) and write specifically about the error that you believe is most prevalent in the contemporary Christian Church. What can be done about this in your view? This assignment should be between 1500-2000 Words.


History of Christianity (Church History)
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History of Christianity (Church History)
Over the years and centuries, heresies have been a concept that has affected the church and Christianity. Royalty (2013) asserts that heresy has been a significant concern in Christian communities when the 2nd Epistles of Peter was written. In essence, about Christianity, heresies refer to the presence of formal denial or doubt towards a particular doctrine (s) of the religion's faith. They are beliefs that tend to be against the common doctrine defined by one or more Christian churches. In most cases, heresies are usually declared and forwarded by anathema (who are individuals who have been shunned or ex-communicated) from 'Fathers' (Apostolic and Church) due to their beliefs or ideologies. According to Royalty (2013), in the New Testament, the term heresy was used to mean a sect or division which sought to threaten the unity of Christianity. As a result, heresies have been identified as some of the concepts that tend to promote divisions and separation in the church.

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