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Read Exodus. Write Exodus Essay. Religion & Theology Assignment (Essay Sample)


Read Exodus, write a two-page essay on what these stories tell us about the God of the people who originally told the stories. How is this god loving? just? dangerous? Include the relationships between God and Pharoah and between God and Moses. Give specific examples to support your observations.


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The book of Exodus focuses on the mass movement of Israelites out of Egypt. The Egyptian Pharaoh felt irked and threatened by Jacob’s descendants, who had increased in number and greatness. The Pharaoh responded by forcing the Israelites into slavery; it even reached a point where Hebrew’s baby boys were killed at birth. God, Moses, and Pharaoh are critical characters in Exodus, whose interrelationships could reflect love and danger.
The love for Israelites as God’s chosen people is featured prominently in most texts of Exodus. The whole Exodus story reveals God’s plan to save His people from immense suffering. Israelites were being subjected to inhuman actions that include beatings, forced labor, and even murder of the baby boys. God’s love is immeasurable for Israelites; for example, God delivered them from bondage in Egypt. 

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