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Religion & Theology
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Final exam. Religion: Questions and Answers. Religion & Theology Essay (Essay Sample)


Answer the following questions thoroughly, using quotes from the book to support your answers. A sufficient answer covers the question, includes a quote, explains the quote, and is about 2-4 paragraphs each. Each question is four points each.

What is the psychological value of religion? Discuss other reasons that the authors argue that religion is valuable. (Ch. 5).
How would globally responsible dialogue among religions actually work? Why are these conversations necessary? (Ch. 7)
What are the codes, creeds, and ceremonial aspects of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam? (Ch. 8). How is Christianity different from the other religions? (Ch. 2).
There are a few voices highlighted that demonstrate tensions that can develop between the theological reflections of individual and community. Discuss Martin Luther and what his tensions were. (Ch. 9- Begins on page 302).
Explain how natural and moral evil is not incompatible with the existence of God. Be sure to include theodicy and what is means to have a suffering God. (Ch. 12- Begins on page 416).


Religion: Questions and Answers
[date]What is the psychological value of religion? Discuss other reasons that the authors argue that religion is valuable. (Ch. 5).
The institutionality of religions gives some sense of system and structure to people. It allows people to have a systemic organization that they can follow as part of their daily routine. People would also rely on their religious beliefs in times of difficulties in life. [Insert quote]. For some, religion would provide emotional support and helps them carry burdens even in trying times. One's religious sector does not guarantee mental stability as medical science proves it is the chemical balance in the brain that stabilizes mental state (Ritchie & Roser, 2018). Still, religion contributes to the strength of the mental agility of a person.

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