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Clean Drinking Water Problem Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


The essay describes the problem and argues for how significant a priority we should make the solution. Also include following question: 1 Where is it occuring in the world; 2 What is the damage is it producing and will lead too?;3 How many people are affected by the problem? 4 Broadly, what are the proposed solutions?;5 How important should this issue be for a Christian.. and why?


Clean Drinking Water Problem
Student's Name
Clean Drinking Water Problem
Clean water is a necessity in every feature of life. Water aids in digestion constitutes 70% of blood, detoxifies the body, and keeps the skin supple (Gleick, 1996). About 1 billion people across the globe cannot access clean water for drinking, the larger fraction being women and girls. This is attributed to the fact that women and girls are the water collectors in most societies. Statistics have it that 1 out of 9 people cannot obtain clean drinking water. This exposes them the risk of contracting diseases, poor general health, and perhaps poor sanitation.
The responsibility of collecting water is often left to women in the community. Women living in areas that do not have clean drinking water spend roughly 6 out of 24 hours going far distances to fetch water. Solving the water crisis typically empowers women and children, allowing them time to go to school, work, and also improve their health. It unlocks them from the poverty cycle.
Approximately 2.1 billion people lack quality drinking water; the people can only access contaminated water for lack of a better option. About 75% of Mexicans drink water packaged in poor san

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