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Case Response: American Food & Beverage Industry (Essay Sample)


Kraft's advertising affects the diets of children, but parents are clearly making the purchasing decisions and preparing/providing the foods to their children.
Does Kraft Foods have bear the responsibility for the effects of their advertising on children, or does this responsibility fall mainly on the parents?
If Kraft bears the responsibility, explain what this responsibility is and why they have it. Analyze their responsibility using a moral theory we've studied in the course.
If parents bear the responsibility, does this mean that Kraft is blameless for the effects of their marketing to children? Would this hold true for other products? Explain using a moral theory we've studied in the course.


Case Response
The American food and beverage industry is on the spot for the alarming rate at which obesity cases are occurring in young children and the teenage or youthful generation. The future American generation faces a bleak future as a result of poor nutrition and other health concerns arising from unhealthy dieting patterns. Advertisement of fast foods and other harmful food products is on the rise as companies within the competitive industry seek to maximize profits from their manufactured products. The utter disregard for corporate social responsibility towards the community from the industry players such as Kraft Foods Inc. is one of the driving factors leading to the health crisis facing the younger generation of the American society. Parents play a significant role in the government's effort to avert the looming crisis by guiding their kids to proper dieting and healthy lifestyles. Nevertheless, the powerful impact of advertising even on parents cannot be overlooked, and hence the corporate organizations within the industry should rethink and revisit their marketing strategies when it comes to adverts for the kids.
Kraft Foods mission and vision as a company is to produce quality and safe products for its customers by delivering superior brands. The great tasting products come in attractive packages with no compromise on quality, and the strong brand image is a self-sale for the goods. The availability of the products to 99% of the American households calls for responsible advertising by Kraft Foods. The investment made in making the products more

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