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The Zeitgeist of Contemporary Psychology (Essay Sample)


This is for my course in History and Systems of Personality and Psychotherapy the question assigned is how would you describe the Zeitgeist of contemporary Psychology?
In the essay how would you describe the zeitgeist of contemporary psychology I think it is useful to write about the advancement of psychology as a science.


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The Zeitgeist of Contemporary Psychology
Zeitgeist has an impact on psychology as evidenced in the development of psychology as a science in the 20th century. The early psychologists of the 20th century centered their approach to the subject of behaviorism either structurally or functionally. Behaviorism flourished because of American pragmatism approach to psychology (Qicheng & Hang, 2005). Behaviorism revolved around psychodynamic psychology which was fronted by Freud and expanded by his followers, i.e., Skinner, Watson among others. Later, the cognitive development psychology cropped up which set the base for later zeitgeist to the subject. It revolved around egocentrism, scaffolding and it showed the narrow approach of earlier psychologists who centered their approach on behaviorism. Many psychologists of the time pegged their ideas on the study of the behavior or cognitive psychology. Near the mid-20th century, a psychologist who favored behavior

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