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The Mind at Work Psychology Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


With reference to the Canadian National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, describe the characteristics of psychologically healthy workplaces and of workplace programs to promote mental health and wellbeing.
The Canadian National Standard is described in Session 11 and so it would be important keep this in mind when considering the assignment. Make sure to review Annex A of the Standard when you are preparing your assignment.
Also, there is a lot of relevant information in Sessions 8 to 12 which you could use as your starting point or to illustrate the assignment, which directly address how mentally healthy workplaces can be created and maintained.
Pay attention to both mental health promotion and psychological health and safety. Do not forget to add the abstract.


Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace
Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace
The vision to achieve a psychologically healthy and safe workplace creates a significant focus in promoting the psychological well-being of workers. Organizations should engage their managers in ensuring that the working environment is not negligent or reckless of the employees’ mental health and safety. Besides, the population needs to create and maintain a productive working environment to enhance their maximum output in the assigned tasks. The action and support of the implementation benefit not only the employees but also their organizations through increased productivity, resulting in maximization of profits. Workers with issues such as stress experience mental distractions, which eventually impact their concentration and input at work negatively. Thus, the promotion and implementation of psychologically healthy and safety management systems is essential and should be implemented by any organization willing to support the well-being of their employees and the organization’s success in the various activities engaged towards the achievement of goals and objectives.
Characteristics of a psychologically healthy and safe workplaces
Various workplaces differ in multiple aspects, and the workplace’s nature is a primary aspect for consideration in relation to the well-being of the workers. Although workers may look as subjects to their organizations, the settings should understand that they would not be attaining their significant levels of achievement without the workers, and promote a psychologically healthy working environment for them. This step benefits not only the workers but also the organizations as employees in the right mental health will have an excellent formulation of ideas connected to what they should be doing at work, resulting in maximum outputs. On the other hand, although some factors altering the existence of a healthy workplace could be external, organizations should enact essential ways to control and achieve the unique nature of a working environment they would desire to have in the setting despite the forces.

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