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Articles Evaluation: Summary of the Research Article (Essay Sample)


Read two articles then compare and evaluate them. See the specific instruction on the documents I upload.


Articles Evaluation
Student’s Name
Articles Evaluation
Summary of the Research Article
               The study by Ward, Park, Naragon-Gainey, Whillans, and Jung, (2020) explored the relationship between financial contingent self-worth (FCSW) and social outcomes. The researchers employed a correlational research design to examine the relationship between FCSW and loneliness in a natural setting. None of the variables were manipulated and as such, the basis of the study was not to establish causality but to just examine the nature, direction, and strength of this relationship (Gifford, 2016). The hypothesis was that individuals with higher FCSW are more likely to experience loneliness compared to those with lower FCSW due to a lack of autonomy and spending limited time with loved ones. The main variables were FCSW, social outcomes, time pressure, autonomy, and time allocation. The researchers conducted three studies. The results of the first study revealed that individuals with higher FCSW had poor social outcomes because they perceived to have greater time pressures. However, there was no relationship between perceived time pressure and time allocated to loved ones. Also, the results revealed that autonomy among individuals with greater FCSW impacted their social outcomes, albeit indirectly. Further, spending limited time with family and friends was highly linked to poor social outcomes. The results of the second study indicated that individuals who tied their self-worth to financial success had lower autonomy, which, consequently, resulted in spending limited time with loved ones leading to poor social outcomes. The results of the third study, which relied entirely on diaries that were filled daily by the participants, confirmed the findings from the first and second studies. In general, the researchers found that there exists a negative relationship between financial success and social outcomes. The study concluded that spending time with loved ones is more beneficial than being financially successful. The researchers tied their conclusion to the story of Gatsby in The Great Gatsby, who pursued financial success to increase his self-worth but ended up alone, even in his death. The results of the study did support the researchers’ hypothesis by tying autonomy, time pressure, time spent with loved ones, and financial success to loneliness.
Summary of the Popular Press Article
               Rather than reporting the actual findings of the research, this popular article by Frishberg (2020) mostly quo

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