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Steps To Good Sleep, Sleep Hygiene And Sleep Disorders (Essay Sample)


What steps help contribute to good sleep? Discuss sleep hygiene techniques. How would you help a client with a common sleep disorder such as insomnia?


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Steps to good sleep, sleep hygiene and sleep disorders
Sleep is a naturally occurring state of mind that alters some body processes and functions to reduce the body interactions with the surroundings. The functions altered include consciousness, the sensory function which is reduced, voluntary reflex muscles among others. In general, sleep reduces the body responsiveness to external stimuli because the body is in an anabolic state when most of the body functions and processes are restored. According to the study research, sleep occurs in two distinct forms; Rapid Eye Movement (REM) and non-REM. The Rapid Eye Movement form of sleep is associated with virtual/temporally paralysis of the human body and where most dreams occur (Yuwen, Chen, Cain, Ringold, Wallace, & Ward, 2016). The sequence and regulation of sleep are controlled by the internal circadian clock which is set by the daily patterns of the body. This enables one to sleep at night when they are used to sleep and wake up in the morning after certain hours of sleep that is habitually set by the person. For instance, if the sleeping time for a sixth grader is eight o'clock and wakes up at quarter to six in the morning, their body will automatically fall asleep at eight o'clock and wake up at quarter to six o'clock in the morning even after during holidays unless otherwise set habitually. Since sleep is something done on a regular routine and it's very vital for body growth, getting enough adequate sleep is important for everyone. This paper will discuss ways and means to get good quality sleep using good sleeping hygiene.
Sleep hygiene is one of the most debated topics in modern neurological discussions. Sleep is an essential part of survival just as much as food shelter, thus a lot of time and resources have been pumped into the research and understanding of sleep and ways that we can improve the sleeping experience. According to Yuwen, Chen, Cain, Ringold, Wallace, & Ward, (2016) we spend one-third of every day sleeping yet many people don't know good sleeping hygiene techniques so that they can get the best experience out of the sleeping.
One of the best sleep hygiene is getting regular sleep. This means that you have a fairly constant regular time to sleep with a twenty-minute allowance every day in a week. This will keep the circadian body clock running without any interference that may cause sleep disorders. This practice is proven by researchers to reduce sleep-related disorders that if not treated early can cause chronic and severe health complica

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